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Building Survey Expert in London

Why should you use a Building Survey Expert?

Drawing upon our extensive experience and insights gained from assisting previous clients, we highly stress the substantial benefits of engaging a qualified building surveyor for the survey process.

A certified surveyor guarantees a comprehensive, legally compliant assessment, thereby safeguarding your interests and preventing potential costly complications. Our expertise and meticulous attention to detail are instrumental in providing you with accurate and actionable information, ensuring the smooth progress and sound decision-making throughout your property-related endeavors.

Regualted by the royal institue of chartered surveyors

How can a Buidling survey Expert help?

Saving Money

While building surveys involve an initial cost, they are instrumental in identifying potential issues, defects, or hidden problems within a property that might not be apparent to the untrained eye. By catching these issues early, you can:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Negotiate effectively on property transactions
  • Address necessary repairs or maintenance before they escalate into costly crises.


Additionally, a building surveyor can provide insights on energy efficiency improvements, helping you reduce long-term operational costs.

Identifying potential issues

We have a trained eye and extensive knowledge to thoroughly inspect every aspect of a building, from its structural integrity to its plumbing and electrical systems. Our expertise allows us to uncover hidden defects, safety hazards, and maintenance requirements that might not be evident to the untrained observer. By conducting a comprehensive survey, we provide you with a detailed report highlighting existing problems and potential issues on the horizon.

Level 2 & Level 3 building surveys

You’ll have peace of mind with our in-depth building surveys. We’ll provide an assessment of your property’s condition and potential risks. Level 2 surveys, also known as HomeBuyer Reports, provide a detailed yet non-invasive examination of the property’s visible elements, highlighting any significant issues that may need attention. 

On the other hand, Level 3 surveys involve a comprehensive and extensive evaluation, including concealed and hard-to-reach areas. These surveys delve deep into a property’s structure, identifying hidden defects, structural concerns, and potential maintenance needs.
We even have the capability 

Richmond Futures' Building survey expert

Brett Ray

Member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors

Brett Ray, Richmond Futures' Party Wall Surveyor holding up his dog.


Chun Lee
Highly reccomended surveyors. They're very responsive, efficient and provides a quality report.
Lucy Aliband
Brett was absolutely brilliant and would highly recommend
Gary Duffy
Brett was totally across all aspects of the survey we needed for purchasing our new home. He advise what level of survey we needed and engaged with the agent and seller directly. He then talked us through his findings immediately after the inspection which was incredibly helpful. And his report was suitably comprehensive.
Kevin Cheng
We appointed Brett Ray of Richmond Futures in end May to do a Level 2 Survey for a house we intend to purchase. Our experience with Brett have been a very pleasant one. Throughout the process, from quotation enquiry to receiving the report, Brett's response have been fast and proactive. He conducted the survey a few days after the appointment and issued the report in two or three day's time, and in such good detail that we as buyers would want to know about the property with a level 2 survey. In our case, he even drew to our attention a potential on-street parking issue which we were not sure if other level 2 report would normally cover. His report is user-friendly, supported with a good number of site photos to illustrate his observations and recommendations. After issuing the report he offered to do a zoom meeting to go through the main points with us and answer our queries directly, which we found it a very good way to wrap up the whole process. One last point to mention is that while Brett does not do property valuation himself he has been very helpful to have introduced several professional valuation surveyors to us to meet our needs.
Izzy Halligan
Brett provided an excellent service from start to end! He produced a thorough report and followed it up with a detailed phone call to explain his findings. Would recommend to any first time buyer!
Brett was amazing; efficient, professional and extremely knowledgeable!! Definitely recommend
James Adamson
Excellent service, we were restricted on time and Westville managed to get our survey booked in and completed in a few days. A comprehensive report, with pictures, which was followed up with a phone call to talk through any concerns we had, explaining all the details and allowing us to understand the impact of the results and what remedial work was required. They were always on hand to answer any questions and communication was 5*. I can highly recommend this company and will definitely be using them in the future.
Jodie Craig
Brett recently completed a home-buyers report for us. He was very easy to work with, flexible and friendly. Turned the report around quickly and all the information was very clear.
H Damani
Brett went out of his way to ensure the survey was done on time and with the thoroughness expected from the service. Followed up with a personal call to discuss the findings. Definitely recommend this company.
Sara Maktari
Brett recently completed a home buyers report for me and I was very impressed with the service from start to finish. Brett was able to advise me on various aspects of the report and I would highly recommend this company and their services.